In a digital world, a physical product is the differential

The internet is undoubtedly an excellent communication channel in the digital world. In addition to building an online presence for your company there is a lot of money to be made by selling printed materials online and not just money, but the consolidation of your brand in the physical world, the retention of your target audience

A successful digital presence is not just about being on the network; it is necessary to have an integrated strategy to align some points, such as creating a website, producing content, participating in social networks, sending e-mail marketing, and …

why not? A strategy for selling products online.

Although the digital environment is part of the reality of companies in various segments, there is still a lot of ignorance on the part of entrepreneurs about what it is possible to create in terms of printed products, what materials can be printed on, and the costs involved. This is because some entrepreneurs have not yet understood the importance of printing for the direction of the business.

Arando eCommerce-to-print is a platform we’ve developed to help Brands owners and Content Creators to sell printed products online on a variety of eCommerce storefronts and easily connect to Print Service Provider’s production systems thus simplifying the online sales of printed products

With a focus on all segments of the graphic industry (commercial, editorial, promotional, and packaging/labels printing), Arando runs on a cloud server and communicates through a plug-in with the open platform, based on WordPress, Shopify, social media networks and marketplaces, thus opening a wide range of possibilities to any print service provider.

The best of all worlds is that the brand owner does not need any stock and the service is free of charge, we’ll only charge a commission when an order has been placed and paid for.

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