Back in 2003 WordPress the underdog of all CMS (Content Management System) platforms, in the beginning, it was easily surpassed by more robust and powerful platforms like Plone and Joomla. With a vibrant community of developers and contributors, WordPress has grown to become the most popular CMS in the market, WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites. A good number of web designers that know WordPress and a great variety of plugins that ads functionality and themes with professional page layouts make the whole difference when choosing this CMS.

In 2011 a more stable a robust WordPress was the basis for an innovative plugin called WooCommerce, which later has become the most popular eCommerce storefront on the internet powering almost 20% of all storefronts on the internet. WooCommerce ads additional features of eCommerce to WordPress CMS like shopping cart and a series of other pages. Any company can have access to themes, buy, download, and install, making the necessary adaptations without even having to hire a web designer. And best of all, with WooCommerce it is possible to make online sales of any product and from $ 5 per month, it is possible to host your WordPress on a virtual machine in the cloud. This means you don’t have to rely on an existing vendor to host the solution for you and wait a lot because the chosen host is not the best, or the server is located in Holland while your company is in South Africa for example.

Can a printing company rely on an open source storefront solution?

WooCommerce is a great tool for eCommerce but what about selling printed stuff on it? Web to Print is not a specialty of WordPress or WooCommerce. There are a couple of vendors out there but they use the same concept of a dedicated solution which is hard to implement and lacks performance. That’s why Red Panda came off with a brilliant idea of developing the Arando server for empowering multiple WooCommerce storefronts. This way all the hard work is done on the server-side and not on the storefront, this gives more flexibility to the solution because the server allows multiple connections with 3rd party software and everything is managed via a central Dashboard while on a conventional Web to Print base approach you’d have to manage each store individually.

Arando Server Orders page

So, web to print with WooCommerce is viable with Arando Server, that’s why Arando’s re-imagining how printing companies interact and transact. Choose a web hosting service, install your WordPress and WooCommerce plugin, and start selling print online with a very low cost of ownership.

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