The importance of online sales

The ARANDO Software solution aims to enhance communication between the graphic industry and its customers through an intuitive and efficient platform. The software was created by a team of experts who possess a deep understanding of the graphic industry, its evolution, and the changing preferences of consumers.

Over the past 25 years, the rise of technology has transformed consumer culture across the globe. As a result, the graphic industry has had to adapt to these changes and evolve technologically to meet the demands of consumers. However, the industry still faces the challenge of efficiently managing the size and quantity of orders that are placed every day.

ARANDO Cloud Software provides a solution to this challenge by bridging the gap between the way people consume graphic materials and the high productivity and efficiency of the graphic industry. By integrating with sites built on WordPress through an API, ARANDO offers a user-friendly platform that provides customers with the necessary tools to buy graphic materials easily. This solution empowers website owners and B2B portals to create visually appealing pages that help promote their products and services.