Four months after launch, amid the greatest crisis in modern human history, Arando already has paying customers and begins to attract the attention of companies in the market. This proves that we are on the right path. With practically no paid marketing and relying only on organic growth, it is true that there is still a lot of suspicions, we hear questions every day like that, and if you disappear? How many customers do you have? Of course, we understand this as normal because the fear of the new is normal for us.

We move forward with the development of the cloud server. This version, besides a lot of improvements, presents a configurable rule-based workflow that allows orders to be routed to the appropriate channel automating the process of receiving orders from multiple websites.

Further in this article, you can learn more about the main functions of Arando as things that are impossible or very difficult to reproduce with standard WooCommerce instances. This proves the value we bring to any company wanting to use WordPress / WooCommerce as their storefront.

Additional advantages of using Arando server:

  • SaaS pay-as-you-go platform,
  • In the setup fee,
  • Unlimited websites,
  • Connects to ERP / MIS,
  • Connects to production workflows,
  • Connects to WooCommerce open source CMS.

Pricing engine on WooCommerce product Page

We’ve added the possibility to choose an “integer” value especially for calculating the pages of a book for example. We are always listening to what our clients have to say, one of them is a printing company that also publishes books and that would like to launch a website for the self-publication of books aimed at the market of professors and magistrates in universities. Using an elegant way to create a price list our client was able to insert dropdown fields and also arbitrary fields where the end-user can enter a value and this value can be added, decreased, or applied a percentage. All of this on the WooCommerce product page!

Upload fields

Common among 10 out of 10 Print Service Providers is the need to receive some type of artwork or information for production/printing. As we consider this function very important for companies in the industry, we’ve created the possibility of Upload fields that can be configured in the menu Arando directly when creating/editing a product in WooCommerce. In practice it works immediately after the purchase has been paid, a page opens with the shipping fields defined by the print service provider. If you are selling a book for example you can create two shipping fields one for the cover and one for the inside of the book. You can also define a minimum number to be sent or a maximum number, as well as control the file formats to be accepted, if you only want to receive PDFs for example you can choose PDF only.

Configurable rule-based workflow

In addition to the possibility of controlling unlimited B2B or B2C web to print sites, print service providers must be concerned with automating processes from the moment an order is received. It is possible to create unlimited channels that connect with various third party services and then you can create rules with conditionals and use the channels to automate processes. For example orders coming from a specific website where the quantity is greater than 1000 units must be recorded in a prepress workflow hot folder for recording offset plates. As I pass that for orders with less than 1000 units, it must be recorded in another workflow for digital printing.

More info on Arando eCommerce-to-print can be found on web site

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