Red Panda, a Portuguese company specializing in e-commerce solutions, is announcing the launch of a new Arando ecommerce2print platform to simplify and facilitate the creation of eCommerce sites specifically for Web to Print applications for print service providers.
With a focus on all segments of the graphic industry (commercial, editorial, promotional, and packaging/labels printing), Arando runs on a cloud server and communicates through a plug-in with the open platform, based on WordPress and soon Shopify.

“Selling online is a different process, which requires a lot of knowledge. What we want with Arando is to facilitate this process through an open platform, unlike the proprietary platforms that we have on the market today ”, explains Luís Diniz, CEO, and founder. “We wanted to develop something new that, at the same time, was easier to implement and user friendly.”

Connect multiple open source storefronts to Arando e-Print Server

One of the most important differentials of Arando ecommerce2print is the fact that it dispenses with the role of the programmer to create a Web to Print platform. “The first major difficulty that a printer encounters when entering the world of Web to Print is having to work with proprietary tools with its particular UI/UX. In this case, the implementation is difficult and requires a programming expert ”, explains Robson Esperança, also a founding partner. “Because we work with a server-based solution, that can connect to multiple online sales channels, what we offer is ‘e-Commerce to Print ’, not a Web to Print.”

Arando facilitates the connection between print service providers and content creators, allowing a wide range of possibilities for insertion in the digital world. The cloud server receives the artwork files and connects to the local MIS or prepress workflow.

“Print service providers can try different business models with Arando ecommerce2print, a company can connect to several different resellers and content creators, let them be responsible for marketing the web site, and focus on what they do best. Everything will be centralized in a structured way from a central server, with the possibility of integrating with third-party solutions, generating JDF, and obtaining total control of the online world with production ”, stresses Luís Diniz.

To learn more about Arando and find out how to invest in the new solution, visit:

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