Main features of version 1.3

  • Excel pricing
  • Workflow able to split items from an order to send to different channels
  • Item specific workflow conditions price, quantity and value
  • Accounts have currency and currencies are converted for the storefronts currency
  • Changing the order of variations
  • Changing the order of variation options
  • Changing the order of workflow rules
  • Duplicating product configuration
  • FTP workflow channel
  • S3 workflow channel
  • HP SiteFlow channel

Improved Workflow
Now order with multiple items the server sees each individual item and allows you to create rules based on quantity.

Take this order as an example:
500 Business cards
100 leaflets

You can create 2 workflows one if the order has items with less than 100 quantity the files will be sent to HP Siteflow for digital print. And the items with a quantity of more than 100, assets will be sent to FTP for preflight and imposition.

Best of all, everything on the cloud. NO need for special software, no need to manually download files.