3 reasons why your customers abandon shopping carts.

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When selling a web-to-print solution I’m frequently asked if sites should preflight an artwork, present a report with the problems found in the file, or even present pricing based on ink coverage. My answer is “of course not”. You should never put any barrier between the person who’s buying and the check out process.


Did you know that the percentage of abandoned carts in virtual stores varies from 50% to 80%?  

When talking about print, the average abandonment rate of the shopping cart is 82%! A very high percentage, which is very disruptive to all. But then, what are the main reasons that lead your customers to abandon the shopping cart? 

Lack of product information: 

I always hit that key! Be as detailed as possible when describing your products. Complete information is everything when the customer makes the final decision, and finalizes the purchase.  


Bad photos: 

if your product doesn’t have good photos or images, from different angles and details, you lose space for big e-commerce when selling. Invest in good photos, with a nice treatment, good light, and that show all the quality of what you sell. Of course, I know it’s not easy in terms of print, but if you hire a professional who can do that for you, it’s the best investment you can make because you will certainly convert more.


High shipping costs and long delivery time:

well, this item speaks for itself. Who has very expensive shipping costs to certain places in the country, the ideal is to advertise only to places where freight is competitive, as in your region. And the delivery time never exceeds because if a customer does not receive on time what he has bought online, he will probably be complaining on social media damaging your brand’s image forever.

Luis Diniz ceo and co-founder of Red Panda Graphic Solutions developers of Arando ecommerce-to-print

Luis Diniz is CEO and co-founder of Red Panda Graphic Solutions, developers of the #ecommercetoprint solution Arando

We are a startup from Lisbon that is revolutionizing the way print is sold online and changing the industry in the process.